Jaws Tips, selections in explorer

Join Marci in this episode where she walks you through advanced techniques for efficiently selecting items in a list view using JAWS, the screen reader for Windows. By mastering functions like selecting all items with control A, choosing contiguous items with the shift key, and opting for non-contiguous selection with control and space bar, users … Read more

Katie Talks Travel: All Inclusive vacations

In this episode, I speak with Heather, an experienced travel agent specializing in all-inclusive resorts. We explore her journey in the industry, her top resort picks, and tips for selecting the perfect all-inclusive experience. Delving into the differences between all-inclusive and European plan resorts, we analyze considerations for dining, beverages, and accommodations. Heather shares guidance … Read more

Community Replay from 16 April

AI Generated: In this insightful ACB Community Call held on April 16th, 2024, participants engaged in various tech-related discussions, from troubleshooting accessibility issues to utilizing different types of microphones for music recording. The focus was on mutual support and sharing experiences. The episode delved into everyday tech challenges, tools for musicians, and managing accessibility shortcuts … Read more

Apple Crosswords, Moving apps on IOS, and the Tribit XFree over ear headset

In this episode, Chris shares her experience with accessing crossword puzzles on Apple News, exploring the daily mini and larger puzzles available. She detail the puzzle interface features, gameplay options, and accessibility, highlighting the engaging nature of the puzzles. Shifting focus, Marty explains how to rearrange app icons on iPhone and iPad using VoiceOver, simplifying … Read more

Community Replay for 9 April

Read transcript AI Transcript: This has been an ACB Community Call. Today’s Unmute Presents Community Call was hosted on Tuesday, 9 April, 2024. Hello everyone and welcome back to another Unmute. As usual, we’ve got a couple of announcements here at the top. I want to remind everyone we’re going to go through all first … Read more