State of the Union – NOV 2023

# In this episode of the State of the Union, Marty is joined by Michael Doyce and Michael Babcock to discuss the latest updates in the iAccessibility app, the introduction of membership opportunities in Unmute Presents, and the switch to a new radio provider. They highlight the new features and improvements in the app, the … Read more

ACB Community Replay for 31 OCT

# In this episode, we make announcements for the Unmute Presents Community Call and discuss favorite kitchen gadgets. We provide updates on recent episodes and answer questions about software updates, phone contacts, and various tech issues. We also discuss Windows 11 compatibility, printing from iPhones, and recommend resources for gadgets and replacements. We conclude with … Read more

Unmute Presents – Multi Factor Authentication Apps

In this episode of Unmute Presents, Michael and Damashe delve into the significance of two-factor authentication (2FA) and various strategies to enhance the security of 2FA codes. Their conversation begins with a clear explanation of what 2FA entails and underscores the need for an extra layer of protection beyond mere usernames and passwords. Damashe discusses … Read more

ACB Community Replay for 24 October

# In this episode of the ACB Community Call, we answer tech questions, discuss recent episodes of the IACast network, and provide updates on the IACAST app. We address topics such as Facebook syncing, managing notifications, and editing text. We also offer suggestions for device issues and provide guidance on 5G connectivity and cellular data … Read more

Magic Access: Uncovering Disney World’s Inclusivity

Introduction Host Katie welcomes co-host Lynn to discuss Disney and its accessibility features. A brief Disney trivia segment focusing on Disney World’s history, current renovations, and resort room availability. Disability Access Service (DAS) Pass Explanation of the DAS pass and how it helps guests with disabilities manage wait times. Overview of the pre-registration process for … Read more

Community Replay for Day 290 – 17 OCT of Unmute Presents

In this episode of “unmute,” we give announcements and updates on the iacast network. We discuss podcast listening apps, upcoming unmute membership, listener questions, and topics like AI co-pilots and self-driving cars. We also talk about alternative podcast apps, video podcasts, and voice recognition on Zoom. The episode concludes with a reminder of the next … Read more

All Things Lady A – Controlling your Devices

In this episode of All Things Lady A with Lucy: Multi-room music feature: Control music on multiple Lady A devices throughout your home. CHAT GPT: AI program for composing emails, stories, and engaging in conversations. Future AI enhancements: Lady A will improve to answer complex questions without CHAT GPT. Alexa Guard: Lady A as a … Read more

Unmute Presents Replay for 10 OCT

In this episode of Unmute Presents Community Call, we make announcements and discuss upcoming events. Our guests, Michael Doys and Michael Babcock, share recent content from IA Cast. We address questions about unmuting issues, iPhone volume problems, and offer solutions for various tech-related challenges. We provide tips for, Windows navigation, and address Siri and … Read more

Controlling your Control Center

In this episode, we explore the power of the control center. Access it easily by sliding down from the Wi-Fi icon or using voiceover gestures. Customize it to your liking and prioritize what matters most. Share these tips and tricks to make the most of your control center. And a big thank you to Andre … Read more

State of the Union – EP2

Show Notes: Introduction: Discussion on recent happenings with our shows, iACast and Unmute. New Shows: Announcement of new shows including a travel show, VO Starter Weekly, and a reboot of iCast, focused on Apple and iOS. Friday Finds: Recognition of Lynn’s contributions to Friday Finds. New Websites & Emails: Introduction of new contact channels and … Read more