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Unmute Presents is your go-to podcast for all things technology! Here’s what you can expect each week:
• Tuesdays: Tune in for a replay of our live ACB Community call, featuring the latest updates and insights from hosts Marty Sobo and Michael Babcock.

• Wednesdays: Learn about the Blind Shell Classic 2 with Michael on the Shell Phone Show. We teach you how to do something on the Blind Shell Classic 2 in 10 minutes or less. Driven by your questions!
• Thursdays: Dive into a variety of engaging content covering diverse tech topics, designed to keep you informed and entertained.

• Fridays: Enhance your tech skills with our Jaws tips, perfect for improving your screen reader experience.
• Sundays: Enjoy Digital Bytes, a concise show featuring an app review, a tech tip, and a hardware review, all in under 10 minutes!

This podcast is all about answering your technology questions, so bring them on! Marty and Michael are here to help. To learn more and get involved!


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You can now order Apparel and support Unmute. We have partnered with Blind Girl Designs, listen to this episode (Plays in new window),to learn more and you can order your Unmute Apparel below.


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  • Digital Bytes – JPR – Control Center – Mag Cables
    # Join us in this episode as we explore the user-friendly features of the Just Press Record app, enabling easy audio recordings on Apple devices with options for customization and automatic transcription. We also take a deep dive into Control Center, discussing its convenient utilities and customization options for quick access to essential tools. Additionally, we review and compare four magnetic charging cables from Amazon, highlighting their unique features such as secure attachments and hassle-free charging experiences. Specifically, the MagnaLink cable shines for its superior charging capabilities, data transfer support, and compatibility with various devices, making it a top choice … Read more
  • All Things Lady A – Positive Thinking
    In this episode of All Things Lady A for the Unmute Presents podcast feed, we delve into various skills on promoting positive thinking and affirmations through technology. Exploring interactions with skills like Baymax, Positive Thoughts, and Daily Affirmation, each offering inspirational messages to uplift listeners. Additional skills such as Quote of the Day and Be Mindful aim to provide daily encouragement and foster mindfulness. Guided meditations for relaxation and stress reduction are highlighted, with potential for future episodes focused on visualization and meditation. Throughout the episode, Alexa skills are showcased as tools to support mental and emotional wellness, while reminding … Read more
  • Community Replay for 11 June
    # Latest tech updates from Apple WWDC discussed on Unmute show: Siri, iPhone Braille input, VoiceOver, messaging changes, music file editing tips, tech conversations on unmute.show. Hosts and guests share insights and questions! Read transcript
  • Partnering with Blind Girl Designs to offer something Special
    Join Marty as he talks to Tricia from Blind Girl Designs, a unique blind-centric apparel company creating tactile printed products for the visually impaired community. Tricia shares a story of a blind influencer identifying their designs by touch. We discuss their evolution from a snowflake design using white canes to a range of 35 designs incorporating braille and white canes. Tricia also highlights their innovative fundraising approach with nonprofits and unveils a collaboration with Unmute for the new Unmute Be Heard product line. Check out their website for more details on these inclusive and stylish offerings. Support Blind Businesses – … Read more
  • Digital Bytes – Chirp Audio Books, Virtual Desktops, Tech pouch
    Join us as we introduce Chirp Audiobooks, a platform offering discounted audiobooks without subscriptions on chirpbooks.com in the US and Canada. The Chirp app is available on Android and iOS, providing up to a 95% discount on books with user-friendly features for easy navigation and playback control. We also cover a glitch in the Android version, discuss the virtual desktop feature on Windows 10 and 11, and review the Peak Designs Tech Pouch for organizing tech accessories efficiently. Read transcript
  • At Your fingertips – braille code debate and summer reading fun
    In this episode, we discuss the transition to Unified English Braille (UEB) and the challenges faced by longtime Braille readers. We explore the resistance to change, the importance of learning new codes while honoring legacy ones, and the significance of standardization in the Braille community. Shifting focus, we delve into summer reading initiatives, highlighting the National Library Service’s program and sharing tips for a rewarding literary journey. By celebrating Braille, promoting reading adventures, and embracing the joy of storytelling, we aim to inspire a love for learning across generations. NLS Summer Reading 2024 Program – National Library Service for the … Read more
  • Community Replay for 4 June
    Club Unmute podcast: iPad work transition, Siri/Zoom troubleshooting, settings optimization. Listeners feedback on upgrades, user experiences. Assistive Read transcript
  • Digital Bytes – Google Lookout, IOS Share Sheet, Anchor 3 in 1- Produced
    We discuss Google Lookout, organising the Share sheet on IOS, and a Anchor 3 in 1 power adaptor. Read transcript
  • Community Replay from 28 May
    In our Unmute community call, we covered a range of topics from favorite podcasts to troubleshooting tech issues. Read transcript
  • Digital Bytes – ElevenLabs – Sharing Contacts – 6-in-one multi-charging cable
    In this episode, we discussed the 11 Labs app, a user-friendly text-to-speech AI application for iPhones. The app offers natural-sounding audio conversion from text, links, or files, with various voice options for customization. We also provided a guide on sharing contacts via VoiceOver on iPhones, ensuring a seamless sharing experience. Additionally, we highlighted Rolling Square’s 6-in-1 multi-charging cable, a versatile and fast-charging solution with a compact design for multiple devices. Read transcript
  • Producing The Shell Phone Show With Reaper – Thanks to Club Unmute
    In this audio brought to you by Club Unmute Michael shows you how he records and edits the Shell Phone Show in Reaper. If you want more content like this, including a intro to Braille class starting on 1 June, join Club Unmute at Unmute.show/ Read transcript
  • Jaws Tips: Finding And Correcting Spelling Errors
    Today, Marci demonstrates how to utilize JAWS for identifying and correcting spelling errors in documents. She showcases the process of navigating through misspelled words using JAWS, correcting errors accurately by listening to the correct spelling, and emphasizing the efficiency it brings to spell-checking tasks. By leveraging features like spelling error identification and confirmation, users can enhance productivity and ensure the accuracy of their written content with JAWS. Read transcript
  • Community Replay for 21 May
    You can tune into this call live every Tuesday. Visit acb.community to learn more about what is up coming. Send us your feedback online: https://pinecast.com/feedback/unmute-presents-on-acb-communi/f6171c0a-4c7e-480f-9d34-78a3249931dd This podcast is powered by Pinecast. Try Pinecast for free, forever, no credit card required. If you decide to upgrade, use coupon code r-e4dc67 for 40% off for 4 months, and support Unmute Presents. Read transcript
  • Digital Bytes: Good Budget, Spotlight, and The Zoom Zum2 Podcast Mic
    In this episode, we explored budgeting with the GoodBudget app for effective financial management. The app’s features were highlighted, emphasizing simplicity and accuracy in recording transactions. We also shared a quick tip on using the iPhone Spotlight feature and showcased the Zoom ZUM2 microphone for high-quality audio recording. Read transcript
  • Jaws Tips – Quickly Edit Form Fields
    In this episode we learn how to use Jaws Key + F5 to quickly access a list of form fields. Read transcript
  • Ben.Vision Apps
    Today, we were joined by Patrick, the co-founder of BenVision, and their CTO, Vaze, to discuss their innovative apps Speakaboo and BEN. Originating from a MIT hackathon project, BenVision aims to create inclusive technology, with BEN offering a unique binaural music experience to convey object information. Their recently launched app, Speakaboo, in public beta, stands out for its user-friendliness and design centricity, providing swift responses and intelligent visual information integration for diverse user needs. The team’s commitment to accessibility shines through in their goal to make the apps widely accessible without specialized hardware, enriching user experiences with thoughtful interactions. To … Read more
  • Community Replay – 14 May
    You can tune into this call live every Tuesday. Visit acb.community to learn more about what is up coming. Send us your feedback online: https://pinecast.com/feedback/unmute-presents-on-acb-communi/582e81a4-095a-4ebe-8307-b557a7b716ed This podcast is powered by Pinecast. Try Pinecast for free, forever, no credit card required. If you decide to upgrade, use coupon code r-e4dc67 for 40% off for 4 months, and support Unmute Presents. Read transcript
  • Digital Bytes – Screen Recording, Batteries, and OpenRun Pro
    Today, we discussed recording screen audio on an iPhone using an external microphone via the Control Center. We also covered battery optimized charging to extend battery life and reviewed the Shox Open Run Pro headphones featuring bone conduction technology for open ear listening. Read transcript
  • Jaws Tips 6 – Finding Text On The Web
    In this episode, We demonstrate how to effectively use the JAWS find command to search for specific words on a webpage. By pressing Control + F, we access the JAWS find dialogue box to input the desired word, such as “application,” and navigate through its appearances using arrow keys. Upon searching, we locate instances of the word “application,” including options to request an application form from specific sources. Utilizing the repeat find feature by pressing F3 enables us to cycle through subsequent mentions until finding the targeted information, like the online application link sought. By employing Shift + F3 to … Read more
  • Community Replay from 7 May
    Join us in this episode of the ACB Community Call where we delve into a variety of topics and updates within the Unmute community. Marty Sobo, Michael Dois and Michael Babcock, share valuable insights on boosting microphone volume, exploring accessible apps, and navigating assistive technology tools like JAWS and Braille games. Community members actively participate, seeking advice on tech-related queries and troubleshooting strategies, showcasing a collaborative and supportive environment within the Unmute community. The conversation covers a range of topics from managing app notifications to typing preferences using JAWS, offering detailed instructions and troubleshooting steps. The episode wraps up with … Read more