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Today, we were joined by Patrick, the co-founder of BenVision, and their CTO, Vaze, to discuss their innovative apps Speakaboo and BEN. Originating from a MIT hackathon project, BenVision aims to create inclusive technology, with BEN offering a unique binaural music experience to convey object information. Their recently launched app, Speakaboo, in public beta, stands out for its user-friendliness and design centricity, providing swift responses and intelligent visual information integration for diverse user needs. The team’s commitment to accessibility shines through in their goal to make the apps widely accessible without specialized hardware, enriching user experiences with thoughtful interactions. To participate in Speakaboo’s public beta, visit, sign up for access, and share feedback to enhance the app’s development. BenVision’s dedication to inclusive technology and user-centered design promises a brighter future for meaningful digital experiences.

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