Jaws Tips 6 – Finding Text On The Web

In this episode, We demonstrate how to effectively use the JAWS find command to search for specific words on a webpage. By pressing Control + F, we access the JAWS find dialogue box to input the desired word, such as “application,” and navigate through its appearances using arrow keys.

Upon searching, we locate instances of the word “application,” including options to request an application form from specific sources. Utilizing the repeat find feature by pressing F3 enables us to cycle through subsequent mentions until finding the targeted information, like the online application link sought.

By employing Shift + F3 to backtrack and F3 to iterate through all occurrences, the JAWS find command facilitates efficient exploration of webpage content. This methodical process, in combination with Control + F and F3 for repetitive searches, enhances user navigation and information retrieval on web pages.

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