Katie Talks Travel: All Inclusive vacations

In this episode, I speak with Heather, an experienced travel agent specializing in all-inclusive resorts. We explore her journey in the industry, her top resort picks, and tips for selecting the perfect all-inclusive experience. Delving into the differences between all-inclusive and European plan resorts, we analyze considerations for dining, beverages, and accommodations. Heather shares guidance on choosing optimal times to visit destinations like Cancun and Mexico, factoring in weather patterns and seaweed seasons. We also discuss the accessibility of resorts for individuals with disabilities, underlining the importance of thorough preparation and cooperation for a smooth trip. Heather’s expert recommendations cater to families interested in all-inclusive getaways, emphasizing the value of understanding package inclusions. Tune in for a comprehensive discussion on the world of all-inclusive resorts, enriched by Heather’s extensive travel industry knowledge.

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