At Your Fingertips: Braille business cards, Post-it notes, and displays

In this episode of At Your Fingertips, Braille Then and Now Chris delves into the significance of Braille accessibility through exploration of Braille business cards and innovative products. Insights are shared on finding Braille business cards via platforms like Etsy and the Braille Superstore, underlining their affordability and accessibility for visually impaired individuals. Unique Braille products, such as Tandem Designs Company’s Braille post-it notes, are highlighted for their mission of inclusivity and accessibility. Advanced Braille displays like the Braille Pen and Active Braille 40 are also discussed, showcasing the evolving landscape of Braille technology. The aim is to raise awareness and promote inclusivity for visually impaired individuals in the realm of Braille innovation and accessibility.

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