How to reset your BlindShell Classic 2 to Factory Settings

Welcome to this episode of the Shell Phone Show. Today, we are discussing how to reset your Blindshell Classic 2 phone to factory defaults. This is a useful last resort troubleshooting technique but be warned, it will erase all user data on the device.

Key Points:

  • Data on a microSD card will not be erased. If you’ve backed up content on your Blindshell Classic 2 to the microSD card, your backups will remain.

  • To begin, press and hold the back button until you reach the time.

  • Navigate to settings by selecting option number 5.

  • Once in settings, press OK directly above number 1, then press up once to ‘About phone’, followed by OK.

  • In ‘About phone’, press up once to ‘Factory reset’ followed by OK.

  • The phone will confirm if you really want to perform the factory reset. Press OK to proceed.

  • The phone will vibrate a couple of times and then announce ‘Please wait, performing factory reset.’

  • After another 90 seconds or so, the phone will vibrate again and you will hear the phone come on.

  • Wait for about 2-3 seconds after you hear the startup music to ensure the phone is connected to the network.

  • The time may be incorrect initially after resetting, but there’s no need to worry.

That’s it! You’ve successfully reset your Blind Shell Classic 2 phone.

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