TW17 – Trip Time Pirate

Show Notes – Episode 1

In this week’s episode, we discuss various applications and tools that we use in our daily lives.

Applications for Trip Information

We talk about our experiences with keeping track of trip information and Damashe shares his experience with a new application he is trying out.

Pirate Ship

We discuss Pirate Ship, a tool that both of us use to ship products. Michael has a question for Damashe about it, but Damashe doesn’t have the answer.

Medical Updates

Michael shares an update on his health and Mallory helps him find an accessible and affordable blood pressure monitor. We provide a link to the IPROVEN New 2023 Smart Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor which has a large adjustable cuff and a widescreen backlit display.

Technology Updates

We briefly talk about resetting a Mac and touch on the topic of WordPress.

Upcoming Events

We invite our listeners to connect with us in person at both of the national conventions.

Product Mentioned

Slinger – A tool that helps you carry your phone and other small items while on the go.

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