Identifying music with your mobile device


Hey all, Marty here. You know that moment when you’re either in a store or possibly a car

or maybe hanging out with friends and music’s playing? You hear this song and you go, “Oh,

I know this song. Wait, who is this?” Well, let me show you how you can find out.

On an iPhone, what you would do is invoke Siri, say what song is this, point your phone in the

direction of the music, give it a second or two, and see if it comes back with who the artist is,

and what the name of the song is. So Marty dropped this to me and said, “Hey, this is what we’re

going to share for Monday.” I said, “Thanks, Marty. Got it. Appreciate it.” And then I edited it,

And I said, I should probably add a little here just to give you guys a quick heads up.

If you’re an Android user, remember you can do the same thing as well. Invoke Google assistant

and ask it what song is this? Often it will show you right away. A cool thing about Pixel devices,

at least, and I believe other Android devices, is you can set it up to always listen. And whenever

you’re hearing a song, it can show that on the lock screen and you can get a history of the

songs that were shown, go poke around in some configuration and you can get that all set up.

Again, if you’re a pixel user, I can also provide some content and show you how to do that,

if interested. Lastly, if you are using a Blind Shell Classic 2, I do realize that some of our

listeners are definitely download the Shazam application from the Blind Shell app catalog

for similar, not as smooth, but similar behavior to I’d done myself.

Have a beautiful day.

And there you go.

Enjoy, good luck, and we’ll see you next time.

Music thanks to Andre Louis and his shorts collection.


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