Unmute Plus

Boost Your Learning with Our Monthly Zoom Calls!

Hey there! You’ve been rocking it at our free weekly Q&A sessions, and we’re stoked to see you there. How about we kick things up a notch?

We’re talking about our premium monthly Zoom calls. This is your golden ticket to more in-depth tech discussions in a close-knit setting.

Pick Your Plan

For a cool $7 a month, you can lock in your spot at our monthly Zoom calls. This isn’t just about access to the calls. You’ll also get replays sent straight to your inbox and full access to our treasure trove of past calls. Subscribe to the Unmute Premium Membership!

Not ready for a monthly commitment? No problem! Just drop $10 for a one-time pass, and you’re in for the next month’s call. Plus, you’ll get a replay of that session too.

Pay for Next Months Live and Replay, $10

Why Step Up?

Our premium sessions are like your favorite coffee shop – cozy and filled with great conversation. With fewer people, we get to spend more time on your tech questions. It’s like having a tech guru right at your fingertips.

Ready to Level Up?

Get set to dive deeper into your tech queries with our monthly Zoom calls. It’s the same friendly vibe, just more personalized.

Hop on board now! We can’t wait to help you navigate the tech world with even more clarity!